I am a promotor and producer putting in work. I am here to network!

I am looking for brands to compete, network, share and bring products to the market. We use several ways to promote, network and bring products to the table. Email me if your interested in starting your own brand. Email me : straightlaceproductions@gmail.com

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  • Join the network

    We can make all sorts of products you can sell live on your networks, you can just by your own products that I make and sell them on your network and make a profit. I can set everything up and you will have your own store front.

  • Getting Started

    Just hit me up with a email and say lets talk. Send me a way to contact you and I will. This is a time to shine and I want to get my brand known to the public Straightlace Productions Inc.

  • First Steps

    We can start with a email or a social network thread so I can remember out conversations. I would start with the typ of product you would like to stand by. I have herbal supplements, shirts, salves, and more to come

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