I am a promotor and producer putting in work. I am here to network!

Working to build up brands, network, share and bring products to the market. Email me if your interested in starting your own brand. Email me : straightlaceproductions@gmail.com

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  • Join the network

    We can make all sorts of products you can sell live on your networks, you can just by your own products that I make and sell them on your network and make a profit. I can set everything up and you will have your own store front.

  • Getting Started

    Just hit me up with a email and say lets talk. Send me a way to contact you and I will. This is a time to shine and I want to get my brand known to the public Straightlace Productions Inc.

  • First Steps

    We can start with a email or a social network thread so I can remember out conversations. I would start with the typ of product you would like to stand by. I have herbal supplements, shirts, salves, and more to come

  • Column

    How are you? This is Jeff Rhodes. REMember me?

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