It's A Miracle

This is a base salve/oil that I make by hand. I know what's in the soil and I know what's in the water. What I have for you to try out to see if it is right for you is a free sample. (Claim your free sample)  I would like for you to give a review and after you submit your review I will send you a $200.00 Gift Certificate for you supporting me.

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I will give you a free sample if you will tell us what your experience is with this creamy substance made form milk thistle, dandelion, plantain, coconut oil, and more lets you help to repair your skin by providing nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

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Take your own investigation on the skin benefits of any of these herbs. Below are links to special reports about the herbs that I use. Please make your own decision is this is right for you. Then if your still wondering try a little amount on one small patch of skin for 24 hours.

Now you can see for your self if you can receive the benefits like so many people.

If you would like a sample please email me at - if you would like a notification when the product is in as well.


Here are some pages you can look up about the herbs I use in my salves, creams, and oils.

Thank you please come back again.

This is my super special Bloom. It has to most minerals in it. You can do some research and find what's best for you and order just that in a slave/oil or bees wax version.  Ask for my up to date pricing because I make different sizes and amounts based on what's in it and how long it took to make and I am always making it so you can never know what I have in stock.


Here is a website about 5 skin benefits of Dandelion Root Click here

Skin and body benefits of Milk Thistle seed. Click here

Skin and health benefits of Plantain Leaf Click here

Skin health benefits of Coconut Oil Click here

Skin health benefits of Yellow Dock Leaf. Click here

Skin health benefits of Bees Wax. Click here 

Skin Health Benefits of Purslane Click here

Skin Health Benefits of Avocado Oil Click here 



Just read your self of type in the subject line yourself. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you feel uncomfortable at anytime. 

This oil will help you with so many skin issues. Give it a try and if it works out I want you to come back and leave a message or take a survey and I will give you an additional $200 worth of product and special pricing.

the websites above are not my website and I give all the credit to they makers of those websites but I tagged it here so that you can go there and get educated oh being healthy and they are not my websites. I appreciate websites with so much good content like this so people like you can learn more about your health.

 If you have tried my sample please fill out this survey and receive your $200.00 Gift Card.